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February HSA Meeting

Invitation to Special HSA Meeting
Date: Wednesday, February 21 Time: 6 PM Location: SLA
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We invite you to a gathering focused on HSA opportunities and the upcoming Spring
Auction. This meeting will be particularly significant as we delve into the transition of
current HSA leadership to the fresh energy of freshmen and sophomore families.
๐Ÿš€ Your HSA needs your unique skills and enthusiasm more than ever! As
we approach the next school year, several key positions on our School Board are opening
up, including President, Vice President, and Co-Treasurer. This is your chance to play a
pivotal role in efforts that support critical programming.
๐Ÿš€ No prior board experience? No problem! Your drive and commitment to our
school’s vision are what matter most. Whether you have experience in leadership roles
or fundraising or are simply motivated to contribute to SLAโ€™s success, we welcome you.
๐Ÿš€ Itโ€™s Spring Auction time, our essential fundraiser: more than just a volunteer
opportunity; itโ€™s a chance to contribute to your child’s educational environment.
Your presence is appreciated, and we welcome everyone interested in
shaping the future of our HSA.
Canโ€™t make it and want to hear more? Letโ€™s chat here:


Educon 2024

EduCon is both a conversation and a conference… And it isย notย a technology conference. It is an education conference.



Thanks for coming!

It was a delight to see familiar faces and welcome newcomers at our recent meeting! Chris, offered an insightful introduction to the HSA, followed by an engaging session where we addressed your inquiries about our SLA family!


Educon 2024

February 2 – 4, 2024
Science Leadership Academy
1482 Green St.
Philadelphia, PA

Hello, SLA Families!ย  On this form, you’ll find opportunities to volunteer your time for EduCon 2024.ย  Much of the running of the event is managed by SLA students and faculty, and the support we provide allows them to focus on their involvement. A huge bonus for volunteers is meeting other SLA famillies and buidling this part of our community.ย  We hope you’ll be able to join us for the return of this extradordinary event.ย ย 


Please volunteer time ( AND/OR drop off snacks ( click the links and sign up. It’s an amazing opportunity to see how educators from all over use our school as a place to sharpen their craft.

Get Involved

Welcome back, returning families, and a big hello to the new ones! Thrilled to have you join the SLA family. We’re committed to supporting various school initiatives, from maintaining Jeremy Spry’s crucial role as program coordinator to enabling sports, enhancing classroom projects, subsidizing field trips, and celebrating our seniors with gifts.

  1. Sign Up: our 2023-2024 membership drive | click here
  2. Get Involved: Explore board roles, committeesย  and opportunities | click here
  3. Share your SLA Photos;

The best way to get involved in the HSA is to join or form a committee!โ€‹ Please email these chairs below for more informationย 

Fundraising– Fuel the Rocket |

Auction-Daphne |

Volunteer- (Edu-con) Karima |

Potential new committees:
Family and Student Wellness, School Store, Graphic Design, Beautification Committee


What’s Happening

Join the Next Meeting

WHEN: WEDNESDAY, February 21st @ย 6 PM

2024 Auction

We will plan for the annual auction!

Meet via Zoom


Spread the Love

The HSA will be bringing donuts to the students and staff on Valentine’s Day!


Join Our Board

Join Our Board

Executive Vice President:
Step into a key role! Support and stand in for the President as needed, and prepare to take over the leadership in the 2024-2025 school year.

Educon 2024

Educon 2024

EduCon is both a conversation and a conference.ย And it isย notย a technology conference. It is an education conference.

Senior Week

Senior Week

Celebrate our senior basketball players at our Senior Games next week!

Meetings are scheduled all through the school year. Check out the full agenda on our calendar. All members are welcome!ย  Click ‘REGISTER‘ to sign up before the meetings. See you there

Student Athletics

Stay up to date with everything that our school sports teams. Schedules, features and how to be a part of it.