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The Science Leadership Academy Home and School Association is a 501(c)(3) entity committed to promoting cooperation and communication between home and school.
  • We develop community awareness around the needs of our school located at 1482 Green Street in Philadelphia.
  • We create an environment in which student and teacher needs can be supported by the community at large.
  • We ensure accountability of school and district personnel on behalf of our students.
  • We advocate for accountability and equitable educational opportunities for all children in the School District of Philadelphia.

HSA General Meetings

Our General Meetings are open to all members of the Association (faculty, staff and parents/guardians of SLA). Meetings occur once a month during the entire school year beginning in September. The general business of the Association is conducted at these meetings and include reports from officers, committee chairs and the principal as well as updates on the health and welfare of the school.

What’s Happening

1.7.20 Environmental Update

1.7.20 Environmental Update

Written by: Environmental Subcommittee/Task Force At right, please find the update based on Task Force meeting with the School District prior to the break and our weekly Friday School District construction meetings.  Current Location Improvements to the auxiliary...

12.10.19 Environment Update

12.10.19 Environment Update

We are writing to follow up on the survey that was sent to you last week. Members of the Environmental Subcommittee have reviewed responses and would like to address some of the most common concerns. We understand the school district has not provided an update since...

Rally in Harrisburg to End Toxic Schools

Rally in Harrisburg to End Toxic Schools

Let’s support our students in standing up for equitable funding and safe, healthy schools for all Philadelphia students! Along with SLA staff, 10 parent or guardian chaperones are needed to take SLA students to the December 18th rally in Harrisburg.

Board Members 2019-’20


President: Elizabeth LaBan
First Vice President: Michelle Weld
Second Vice President: Stephanie Reid
First Treasurer: Lisa Rodebaugh
Second Treasurer: Jeff Newburger
Recording Secretaries: Mary Ann Duffy & Gerlinde Harb
Corresponding Secretary: Lisa Weinberger


Dianne LaMastra
Jane Cruice
Vilmarie “Bubbles” Diaz Gilliam

Parent Representatives

Senior Parent: Candi Crispin
Junior Parent: Kathryn Snyder
Sophomore Parent: Paulette Greenwell
Freshman Parent: Rasheedah Morris


Principal: Chris Lehmann
Faculty Representative: Zoe Siswick
Alumni Parent: Diana Moro


SLA HSA is always looking for help and support from parents and guardians. Find out how you can be an active part of this vital community. Thanks in advance.

Science Leadership Academy, Center City
1482 Green Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
(215) 400-7830