Written by: Environmental Subcommittee/Task Force

At right, please find the update based on Task Force meeting with the School District prior to the break and our weekly Friday School District construction meetings.


Current Location

Improvements to the auxiliary room in 440 were completed over break and the entire SLA student body/faculty of SLA are now together.

BFHS and SLA Co-Location

  • Official School District updates may be found HERE.
  • Target move-back date of February 18th (Tuesday after Presidents Day) discussed. Based on remaining work, need for environmental testing, cleaning, etc., this date seems achievable and anything earlier would be a challenge.  We also do not currently see any reason to push any later (although continued engagement will be needed to keep on track).
  • Based on our meeting last Friday, all major construction activities are complete and the remaining items like the freight elevator work, data drops and cameras, punch list, touch up painting, and final heavy and complete cleaning are achievable under the proposed new schedule.
  • Thorough school wide air testing and summary reporting of abatement activities will occur prior to move in.
    The Task Force will be walking thru the building with the school district later this week.



We are in the process of joining the Healthy School Initiative and continue engagement with other schools following the well-attended December 18 th Harrisburg Rally

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