We are inviting SLA’s students, parents, and alumni to share their hobbies, skills and passions for an SLA fundraising event. Our goal is to provide multiple unique classes to the community that will bring us closer together in this digital landscape during this time of physical distancing and help fund our school’s resources and activities for the upcoming year. 

We also strive for these classes to reflect the SLA spirit of finding unique ways to learn and grow from one another. Let us take this opportunity to show our students and community that learning doesn’t stop at the classroom or at a certain age. 

We are currently seeking volunteers to teach a Zoom Class or create an instructional video that can be purchased and viewed at any time. We are hoping the zoom classes will be hands-on, an interactive experience! For example, if it is a cooking class the viewers can purchase the ingredients and prepare the dish together.

The class ideas include but are not limited to (some classes are adults only): 

  • Cooking
  • Technology (How to use Zoom, Social media, smart phones, video editing, iphone photography, etc.)
  • Fitness, Yoga, Dance
  • How to Make Cocktails, Wine Tasting
  • Cultural Classes, History Classes
  • Meditation
  • Flower Arrangements
  • Self-Help and Motivation
  • Painting/Drawing
  • Astrology
  • Herbalism
  • Make-up/Skincare
  • Nutrition
  • Home Improvement DIY
  • Plant Care 
  • And More!

Please send an email to hsafundraising@scienceleadership.org with a brief summary of your idea and what support you will need from the HSA in order to make this fundraising program a success.

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