Educon 2023


 EduCon returns February 2-5, 2023 and your support makes the difference! 

What is EduCon? It’s a conference of conversations for educators about the now and the next for teaching and learning. Educators from in and around Philadelphia, the U.S,. and, it’s true, the world beyond gather at Science Leadership Academy to share and inspire thoughts and actions. It also happens to be a major fundraiser for SLA and an excellent opportunity for SLA families to meet other SLA families.  

We have two ways you can volunteer: donating time and/or donating food, each with its own sign-up page. We hope you’ll contribute to one and you’re welcome to contribute to both as your resources allow. As noted on the sign-up pages, please contact Emily Silverman, Parent Coordinator at with any questions. 

EduCon 2023 time:

EduCon 2023 food:


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